Types of painting offered

From live portraits to illustrations or copies from photographs: landscapes, portraits, people, pets, buildings, gardens, disney characters, canvas, murals or anything else you might want specifically. See gallery.

Example of pricing

  • £150 - A4 size - Per detailed object
  • £300 - A3 size - Per detailed object
  • £450 - A2 size - Per detailed object
A4 size - 1 person and 2 pets = £450

The attention needed to capture a face likeness takes longer to achieve and the prices reflect this.

Customer Service and quality

I would normally opt to paint onto a high quality canvas board which you can hang directly on your wall. I can paint directly on any material desired - wood board, car bonnet, mural on a wall etc..

  • Paint, and canvas included
  • Framing not included.


If you are unhappy with any piece of work I have finished, then minor alterations can be made. If you really don't like the result then I will not ask you to pay for it but will add it to my gallery and may sell it to someone else.

I would ask respectfully for you to have a look at my gallery before committing to any commision so neither of our time is wasted in the event that you don't like the results.

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